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Ever struggled to express your thoughts clearly?

Structure your ideas with AI assistance

Time To Value In Minutes, Not Days
No overpromising, what you see is what you get!
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How It Works 🤔

1. Start with an Ambiguous Thought

Rephrase your idea

Share your idea, no matter how vague. We'll refine and articulate, ensuring a shared vision of the problem.

2. Structure the Problem Automatically

Automatic issue tree creation

We automatically generate an organized issue tree, allowing you to focus on solving the problem itself.

3. Assist with Deep-Dive Research

Gather relevant research and context

Contribute your insights or let us conduct real-time research to gather comprehensive information for you.

4. Master AI-Powered Problem Solving

Utilize AI prompts effectively

Use our interactive prompt panel to leverage structured insights, generating quality outputs like an AI expert.



Clarity in Minutes

Transform ideas into clear concepts in MINUTES to maintain the momentum. Save hours on unfocused research and unnecessary meetings.


Effortless Structuring

Our REAL user feedback: "I could do it better if I spent a few hours, but achieving this with such little effort is amazing!"


Solid Start

Create a robust foundation for your next steps, whether it is documentation, brainstorming, collaboration, or enhancing other AI tools with rich context.