Transform Vague Ideas into Structured Insights

In minutes, not days

Facing challenges in articulating your thoughts?
Shape and refine your ideas with AI Assistance.
Tailored for All Who Navigate Ambiguity Daily in the Workplace!
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How It Works

1. Start with an Ambiguous Idea

Rephrase your idea

You provide a vague idea. We refine and articulate it, ensuring we have a shared vision of the problem.

2. Effortless Structuring

Automatic issue tree creation

We create an organized issue tree, complete with questions and examples, empowering you to focus on refining and crystallizing the problem.

3. Receive Relevant Context

Obtain relevant context

With your guidance and insights, we generate context that is relevant to your specific problem.

4. Generate Actionable Output

Craft useful content

You provide the insights; we offer the structure. Together, we create outputs that are not only relevant but also go beyond generic boilerplate.



Clarity in Minutes

Transform vague ideas into structured, actionable insights in just a few minutes


Effortless Structuring

Follow the flow, answer questions, and watch as everything becomes structured effortlessly.


Solid Start

Solid foundation for next steps, whether it is further research or providing context for other AI tools.

Quick Overview for Advanced ChatGPT Users

Fact: better context leads to better output

Problem: I have no context, so I cannot generate good output

Existing way: learn to ask better questions and give relevant context

Painpoint: Structural mindset is very hard, time consuming and difficult to scale

Solution: use Clarify AI to co-create relevant context with you